Girls with Goals

Extreme DIY Makeover: Closet Edition

If you’re at all like me, you have once been afraid to step foot in your closet. Not because of monsters (the Sully and Mike variety are so cute, anyway!), but because you might be swallowed whole by all of the crap treasures you’ve accumulated.

In my case, my jewelry and other accessories threatened to swallow the rest of my room whole–this isn’t to say that all my clothes aren’t currently planning a bloody coup, but I felt the accessories would be the easier battle.

So one of my recent goals was to cleanorganize…VANQUISH my closet.

Since my dad is far more handy than I am–but I can certainly hold my own–in fact I have more tools than my boyfriend and his 2 guy roommates combined (all they have is a miniature hammer)–he was nice enough to hang the pegboard for me. Here’s just a brief description of the materials/steps: we (and I’m using that term lightly) spray painted a 4’x8′ pegboard white, and screwed thin strips of wood onto the back, right at the edges, as well as a thin chunk of wood in the center. These ensure that the pegboard does not sit flat against the wall, and you can easily arrange and rearrange your hooks. And the small piece keeps the center from caving in.



Anyway, I bought a few sets of assorted pegboard hooks, as well as some separate pegboard organizing pieces from Lowe’s and went to town. This kit comes with curved hooks, straight hooks, pliers holders, parts bins, shelf brackets, double prong hooks, various tool holders, etc. Plus I bought a set of baskets.

I feel like I’m part of Young House Love being so crafty and economical!

A place for all my necklaces…and room for more.

My bracelets have been upgraded from the bottom of my jewelry box.

Even my earrings have a versatile home!

Baskets and containers for odds and ends like hair ties, headbands and rings.

Gloves (because it does actually get cold in Arizona) and clutch purses.

No more trying to make room for belts in my dresser.

I’ve even put up more pegboard on other walls of my closet (above the door and shelves) to contain more of my purse collection.

Do you have any savvy home improvement projects you’ve done?

P.S. Sorry for the photo-heavy post today (but maybe you all like that?).

I love you all,



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