Girls with Goals

Water bottles n’ such

Hello all!  You can call me Hope.  Thank you all for joining me and the other LA Girls for this wonderfully exciting, sometimes shamefully embarrassing (but in a good way) journey into the world of setting and achieving goals!

As undergraduate elementary education major and an elementary school teacher, over the years it has been pounded into my head that goals need to be measurable; and, in some cases, rightfully so.  Measurable goals are the foundation of the education system, not only here in America, but around the globe.  If a teacher were to say that his/her students would understand how to read a map of the U.S. that doesn’t really specify what the students are going to be asked to do.  A more measurable goal would be to have the students identify all 50 states of America.

Why am I torturing you with such a ridiculously boring, seemingly unrelated lesson on writing goals for elementary students?  Well, here’s why.  After joining Life Anonymous Girls (LA Girls), I started thinking about my own goals that I would like to work toward as a member of the group.  This group, in all of its wonderfully honest glory, has really made me take a hard look at myself.  I would like to set a goal of not letting empty water bottles litter the floor of my car (and, as a side note, would like to stop contributing to the demise of the planet by drinking from water bottles, but that is a whole other issue.)  I would like to exercise more, but who wouldn’t?  I would like to train my overly excitable dog to not smother and bruise my guests as they walk in the door….etc.  There are many goals that I would like to achieve, some that I won’t even put down in writing to spare all of you the gory details, but when I started writing my goals, I started writing them as a teacher would. 

I started saying to myself, “Okay, self… I will throw away…uh, I mean recycle, water bottles from my car 3 times a week.”   Sounds ridiculous, right?  Well, what I think is even more ridiculous, is to put that kind of pressure on myself.  I think everyone can agree that they have enough going on in their lives not to have to worry about how many times they have cleaned out the contents of their car per week. 

Notice, I did not say that I would not leave any water bottles in my car at all…I know better.  I know to start small and set myself up for success.  But, on the other hand, I am not going to beat myself up if I only empty my car of these plastic Earth-destroying monsters (I really DO want to stop using them….baby steps, people, baby steps) once or twice a week instead of three. 

See, the point I am trying to make, is that when you are setting goals for yourself, it is my personal belief that you need not put ridiculous, numerical, expectations on yourself.  You have a feeling about something you would like to change, you make small steps toward that change, and you DO NOT beat yourself up if you stumble here and there along the way.  Remember to think “Big Picture”…it’s the only way to stay sane.


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