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Sorry for the delay…

It has been a LONG time since we’ve posted. I avoided it because I was hogging the posts. But where was everyone else in the group? Two of whom you’ve never even heard from?

Well unfortunately the group has come to a little hurdle we’re still not sure if all of us can jump. There are a few things that setting sweet little goals won’t fix. Wish us luck as we attempt to keep the whole group together to 2011!

But while I’m here, I’d like to take a few paragraphs (or perhaps a list–I love lists!) to illustrate what this group is really about:

1. First and foremost, the point is to make and realize goals–no matter how small or big. Want to become a Hollywood A-List celebrity? Great! We’ll help you take baby steps to get there. Want to just be happy for the first 10 minutes of each day (not to say you aren’t happy the rest of the day, but those first few minutes after a restful sleep can be a real challenge to welcome)? Fantastic! That’s a goal that a lot of people haven’t managed to achieve. We’ll help you take baby steps to make that happen as well!

2. Maintain better relationships. Some of us have family members or relatives with whom a supportive relationship is a struggle. Some of us have co-workers of the Dwight Schrute variety, with whom we are required to work on a daily basis. Some of us have friends with whom we haven’t held up our end of the deal–reciprocity. Most–if not all–relationships have room for improvement. Whether that involves righting a wrong by sucking it up and admitting you were to blame, in part or in whole, or by sucking it up and taking that first step, regardless of the situation, these are goals that I’m sure everyone can own up to.

3. Try new things, or learn how to do old things better. Have you always wanted to go sky-diving, but could never take that flying leap? We’ll help get you on that plane. Have you always wanted to be able to hem your own pants when they’re too long? Borrow my sewing machine! Life is about learning, and we’re all privileged enough to know the value of continuing education–whether that means going back to school for a higher degree or taking an underwater basket-weaving class at the local community center. Maybe you just want to learn to program your DVR and to delete episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger that it mysteriously began recording religiously. Or take a stab at putting together IKEA furniture by actually understanding their instruction diagrams!

4. Providing support. Maybe I can’t make my own goal come to life without a few hundred-thousand dollars. But maybe I have a spare bolt from the IKEA furniture I recently put together that will make your machine come to life. I’m here to help. We’re all here to help. This group requires a little humility. We can’t give help if you don’t ask for it.

5. Finally, I want to point out that this group could have a 5-year-old and a 65-year-old, and we should each be able to take the same from this group as we would if we were each born on February 29, 1984 at 11:11 a.m. and were all raised in isolation from the world. I can’t think of a single person who couldn’t benefit in some way from a group like ours. You get from the group what you make of it.

Seems like the end of the year is the perfect time to look back and reexamine what we’re here for as a group. Now I hope we all manage to look back and reexamine what we’re here for individually.

Happy new year to you all, and I hope we see you again in 2011!

I love you all,