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No, this isn’t that kind of self-exam. Sorry to disappoint!

For the last post of 2010, I thought it would be appropriate to look back at the various aspects of my life for which I have set goals. What have I accomplished? What do I need to continue to work on?

Family – I really haven’t set any particular goals toward improving my family life so far, but I really should focus on getting along better with my mom. We can be the best of friends at times, but lately it seems that we’re at odds, and every comment she makes just grinds on me. In 2011, I intend to forge a better relationship–by not taking her comments to heart, or perhaps by respecting particular comments more.

Career – Fortunately I have already made headway on this goal, as I secured my first full-time post-college job just a few weeks ago! I haven’t even been able to properly determine my feelings on the position yet since the first week our office was inundated with last-minute deadlines and was a source of constant stress, but since then most of my co-workers (and most of the work) have been gone for the holidays creating a false relaxed environment. However, I do need to start thinking what career path I would actually like to continue on–more on this in my Education section.

Health – I have really been putting forth a lot of effort toward this goal. In a previous post I mentioned taking ballerobica classes–and I’ve managed to stick with it! A quick tally: first week – 4 classes, second week – 2 classes (my first week of work–very hectic), third week – 7 classes, fourth week – 0 classes (the studio was closed for the holiday), fifth week – 6 classes (and the studio was only open 3 days!). So while I feel like I’m working my butt off, my butt hasn’t gone anywhere. I haven’t lost any weight! I’m definitely starting to think this is more of a medical issue. Hence my new goal (which is much more attainable now that I’ll be back on my mom’s insurance): see a doctor!

Finance – Well, as mentioned, I got a full-time job, complete with a salary! So I feel pretty confident in my finances now. However, I can see myself going on a few shopping sprees in the months to come. So my financial goal for 2011: save that money!

Recreation – For my dad’s Christmas gift, I purchased a Groupon (I can’t say enough good things about Groupon these days!) for the two of us to take glass classes together. We have been wanting to take stained glass classes for a while, and although this Groupon is mainly just for glass fusing and glass blowing classes, I think we’ll really enjoy trying a new hobby together!

Charity – This is a goal that could always use some work. I’d like to find a local organization to get involved with on a regular basis. I’ll definitely be doing some more research–and action–toward this one!

Travel – Here comes that word again: job. I’ve earned a total of about 2 hours of vacation time. I could possibly take a little stay-cation to the next town over! However, my job is currently only funded through the end of June (grant money, ya know), and while my employer is working to get more grant money to keep me longer, I may have more opportunity to travel later this year. My family is talking about doing another cruise–I’m hoping for northern Europe, like Scandinavia and Russia–but I’d also like to visit my good friend in England. And to combine financial and travel goals, I’m setting up a savings account to contribute to each paycheck that will be reserved only for travel.

Education – I thought I had this one all figured out. I just completed two bachelor degrees–journalism and psychology–and last year I even applied to a few graduate programs. However, one thing I’ve learned this past year is that I can’t commit to a graduate program yet because I don’t even know what I want to do! So my current plan: since I work for the university, I can take classes on the cheap. I’m going to take a creative writing workshop class this semester! (Honestly, I am a good writer, I just haven’t exercised my writing juices enough, and this blog is going to be great practice as well, so bare with me if my writing is a little blah for a while).

Romance – I have been with my boyfriend for almost 7 years, and I love him to death. I’m not sure what specific goals I have in this department, but I know that our relationship could definitely be improved upon. Lemme think on this one and get back to you.

Relationships – Here’s another I thought I was on top of. However, a few recent events around me have got me to thinking. What kind of friendship am I putting out into the world? Throughout the year I can easily see what my friends could have done better in our friendship, but now is the time to look at myself. I want to be someone my friends will call after a long day to wind down. I want to be someone my friends will come to for advice–whether I’m older or younger than they are. I want to be someone my friends will turn to in an emergency. I want to be someone my friends will call for a last-minute happy hour. Is this the friendship I’m providing? The plan for 2011 is to be that person. I can’t control the kinds of people my friends are, but I can control the kind of friend I am.

So tell me, what goals do you have for the new year? The standard New Year’s resolutions, or more in-depth goals? How can you see the new year being a catalyst for change in your life?

I love you all,