Girls with Goals

About Florence

  • What song do you play on repeat while you’re driving?

It literally changes every week. Right now I keep repeating the Steel Train album.

  • As a child, what was your favorite bedtime story/children’s book?

It was called Rolly the Puppy. By the time I could talk, I had the book memorized. I would “read” it to my dad before bed.

  • If you could be a princess and live in a castle in any country, what country would you choose?

Italy, of course!

  • What one item of your home décor best expresses who you are?

I don’t think any one item can express who I am on its own… its the combination of everything that really makes it perfect! IF I had to choose one… My favorite piece in my house is the family room sectional. Its big and cozy and simple and there is room for everyone 🙂

  • If you could change one traffic law, which one would you change?

I think there should be different speed limits based on your driving ability. You could take a test to determine your personal speed limit. I feel like I’m not moving when I drive 65 on the freeway!

  • If you were invited to the White House Christmas party, what would you wear?

Something simple, but with character. Maybe like this:

  • What is your favorite holiday movie?

Probably Christmas Vacation, haha. Love Actually would be a close second.

  • What 80’s fad do you miss?

Well, I was 4 years old when the 80’s ended… haha. I do wish there was more music today like there was in the 80’s, though.

  • What were your extracurricular activities when you were in high school?

I played the violin from 3rd-12th grade. I took a lot of photo classes and was president of our Business Internship program my senior year.

  • What’s your favorite homemade recipe?

Ugh, I’m so bad at picking favorites! I guess Red Velvet cake, if I HAVE to pick one…

  • iPhone or Blackberry?

iPhone for sure!! I was Blackberry’s biggest fan for a long time, until I started dating Kieran and saw first hand how awesome the iPhone was. Blackberry = PC and iPhone = Mac, and I’m definitely a Mac.

  • If you could have any view outside of your window, what would it be?

Definitely the beach/ocean.

  • What is your favorite Starbuck’s drink?

Grande Non-Fat Half-Caff Mocha. Or a Gingerbread Latte in the winter.

  • What makes you proud (and I’m being vague on purpose)?

My family. I’m proud that we are all so close and that I am surrounded by such amazing people.

  • If a magazine was to feature you on its cover and as the main story, what magazine would you want it to be?

Entrepreneur Magazine, about my amazingly successful new business (whatever that may be!).


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